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The Patient’s Medical Home (PMH) is a primary care setting where patients feel most comfortable—most at home—presenting and discussing their personal and family health and medical concerns. It is the central hub for the timely provision and coordination of comprehensive health and medical services. Patients, their families and their caregivers are listened to and respected as active participants in decision-making about and provision of their ongoing care.

The PMH is the home base for continuous interaction between patients and their main healthcare provider, supported by a team or network of caregivers, including nurses and other health professionals (on site or linked virtually from different practice sites). The PMH provides and coordinates the services each patient requires. Therapeutic relationships are developed and strengthened over time, enabling the best possible health outcomes for each person, for the practice population and for the community.

Adapted from CFPC

Defining the Patient Centered Medical Home

(Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality)


Below there are a number of videos that highlight what a Patient Medical Home might look like when implemented:

4.18 min Video: What Is a Medical Home and Why Do I Need One?

3.58 min Patient’s Medical Home: One FP’s Story

College of Family Physicians of Canada

Dr. Cathy Faulds, a family physician from London, Ontario, shares her experience of transitioning into a practice that aligns with the principles of a Patient’s Medical Home.

4.48 min Medical Home on the Prairie

College of Family Physicians of Canada

Dr. Werner Oberholzer, a family physician from Radville, Saskatchewan, shares his experience of introducing the Patient’s Medical Home practice model in a rural setting.

9.16 min The Patient-Centered Medical Home

American Academy of Family Physicians

A patient-centred medical home is an approach to providing comprehensive primary care for people of all ages and with a range of medical conditions. It is a way for a physician-led medical practice, chosen by the patient, to integrate healthcare services for that patient in a complex and confusing healthcare system.

3.50 min Family Physicians Support Patient-Centered Medical Home Model of Care

American Academy of Family Physicians

A patient-centered medical home is a more effective and efficient model of health care delivery, providing ongoing, comprehensive patient care while delivering better health outcomes and lower costs. It is an essential part of the solution to the current fragmented health care system in the United States and is described in the promotional video from AAFP.

5.10 min What Is a Patient-Centered Medical Home?

Penn State Hershey Medical Center

Robert Gabbay, MD, PhD, director of the Penn State Hershey Diabetes Institute, discusses what a patient-centred medical home is and what it means for the future of healthcare. All 13 of Penn State Hershey Medical Group’s adult primary care sites have received the highest level of patient-centred medical home certification from the National Committee for Quality Assurance.

4.20 min Patient-Centered Care: The Medical Home

Cleveland Clinic

A patient-centered medical home (PCMH) might sound like a place, or somewhere you'd go. It's not. It's a long-term, team-based approach for your primary health care as described by members at the Cleveland Clinic.

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