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Practice Assessments

Self-assessment tools are reflective questionnaires that help you to analyze how closely your practice aligns with the principles of the Patient’s Medical Home and to determine what development and/or implementation activities would best suit you and your practice.

Health Quality Ontario


MyPractice: Primary Care

This resource provides customized confidential reports that give primary care physicians data about their practice and offer change ideas to help drive quality improvement. Reports include measures on access, continuity of care, chronic disease management, etc.

College of Family Physicians of Canada


Self-Assessment Tool

This questionnaire assesses your practice in terms of Patient’s Medical Home objectives and offers actionable advice and links to resources that can help you better align your practice with these objectives.

In addition to providing insight into your practice, participation can be documented through a Linking Learning exercise for those interested in claiming Mainpro+ certified credits. Please refer to the Continuing Professional Development webpage for more details.

Alberta Medical Association


Patient’s Medical Home Assessment for Your Practice

The assessment is divided into three parts:

  • Readiness. To begin, a practice leader should complete this assessment to help gauge their practice’s current readiness in moving toward a Patient’s Medical Home.
  • Phase 1. The second part focuses on the first three implementation elements for the Patient’s Medical Home.
  • Phase 2. The third part focuses on the five remaining implementation elements for the Patient’s Medical Home.




Safety Net Medical Home Initiative

Patient-Centered Medical Home Assessment (PCMH-A)

The PCMH-A helps practice sites understand their current level of “medical homeness” and identify opportunities for improvement. The PCMH-A can also help you track progress toward practice transformation when it is completed at regular intervals.


National Committee of Quality Assurance (NCQA)

Patient-Centered Medical Home Recognition

NCQA’s Patient-Centered Medical Home Recognition Program is the most widely adopted Patient-Centered Medical Home evaluation program in the country. More than 12,000 practices (with more than 60,000 clinicians) are recognized by NCQA. And more than 100 payers support NCQA recognition through financial incentives or coaching.

If your practice earns recognition through NCQA, it means you have made a commitment to providing a commitment to quality improvement within your practice and a patient-centered approach to care that results in patients that are happier and healthier


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