Leadership in Primary Care Network

As part of the Collaborative Mentoring Networks, the OCFP is establishing the Leadership in Primary Care Network to help build a structured support system for leadership development and mentorship among family physicians.

This work began with consultations to inform planning for the mentoring initiative, to ensure coordination and reduce duplication of other similar leadership efforts underway in the province. This process has involved frontline family physicians, representatives of academic family medicine, LHIN and sub-region clinical leaders, as well as the Ontario Medical Association’s Section on General and Family Practice, the Association of Family Health Teams of Ontario and the OCFP. To support the discussion and the focus for the leadership mentoring network, an environmental scan of leadership initiatives was conducted in 2017-2018.

Steering Committee Chair: Dr. Sarah Newbery, Marathon

The Leadership in Primary Care Network's Mission, Vision, Goals and Objectives


To provide mentoring support and education that enhances the capacity of family physicians to provide leadership in the primary care context.


Resilient and confident physician leaders in every community.

Goals and Objectives

Supporting the leadership required to pursue the vision for primary care and the “patient medical home concept” through education, strong Communities of Practice and mentoring.

  • Improve access to high quality primary care settings through supported family physician leadership.
  • Enhance the knowledge and skills required to effectively lead in a practice context.
  • Increase the number of clinicians who feel supported, capable and confident to lead change in their practice settings.
  • Connect a cadre of family physicians who can help provide leadership in transformation of primary care toward the principles that underpin the PMH concept.
  • Improve collaboration across the system and help connect family physician leaders to other education opportunities that support their leadership journey.
  • Provide community clinical leaders with practical skills and training to lead through the changes needed at the LHIN and practice level, to engage their peers, and work toward enhancing the planning and delivery of primary care.
  • Support family physicians to identify and change the “pain points” in family medicine and primary care in their local and provincial context.
  • Understand the needs of tiers of leadership by family physicians - those with formal leadership roles, those in provincial leadership roles and those in practice-based roles either formal or informal.
  • Support the fourth arm of the quadruple aim of quality which is to increase provider satisfaction through creation of supportive networks and a “compassionate space” for family physicians to discuss, share and address their challenges.
The OCFP’s Collaborative Mentoring Networks receive financial support from the Ontario Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care. The views expressed are those of the OCFP and do not necessarily reflect those of the funder.