Early Years in Practice Network

The Early Years in Practice (EYP) Network supports family physicians in their first 10 years of practice by helping to address identified challenges for those entering the profession. In particular, the EYP Network is committed to providing practical information and support to physicians in their earlier years of practice that will help them excel in their profession and best serve their patients.

An early initiative of the Network is a four-part podcast focused on practice management topics such as transitioning to practice, physician wellness/resiliency, mentoring support and leadership. The podcast was launched in July 2018, with the first episode looking at key considerations when building a practice, and subsequent episodes planned for monthly release.

Steering Committee Chair: Dr. Britta Laslo – Dundas

The Leadership in Primary Care Network's Mission, Vision, Goals and Objectives


Empowering physicians in early career development.


Family physicians in their early years of practice with the skills, attitudes and resources required to manage their practices effectively and shape a fulfilling career.


Where all associated with the Network work to meet the unique needs of mentees and mentors in the context of the changing landscape of healthcare. 

Where mentors, mentees and all associated with the Network collaborate towards common goals with mutual understanding and respect. 

Where all involved in the Network recognize the individuality of each physician as a strength and encourage reflective practice. 

Where all involved in the Network build a sense of shared responsibility and ownership of the Network and their mentoring relationships. 

Scholarship & Evaluation
Where knowledge exchanged is encouraged, scholarly capacity is built, and critical evaluation of the Network, and its programming, is performed transparently and with rigour.



  • Connect EYP physicians with peers in their communities and within the province with similar clinical interests or career goals
  • Establish mentorship groups
  • Ensure timeliness of mentors across the Network
  • Nurture physician well-being to decrease burn-out
  • Enhance resiliency through compassionate spaces
  • Improve knowledge translation for common practice-based questions
  • Creating more connections with health systems partners
  • Creating connections with early years in practice stakeholders (ie: PGME)


  • Launch an online Community of Practice (COP) discussion forum 
  • Recruit 5-7 mentors and 50 mentees by March 31, 2019
  • Recruit 10 mentors and 100 mentees by January 1, 2020 and continue to grow the Network
  • Decrease self-reported levels of burn-out 
  • Increase physician career satisfaction 
  • Using the COP to increase practice management resources and health system integration 
The OCFP’s Collaborative Mentoring Networks receive financial support from the Ontario Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care. The views expressed are those of the OCFP and do not necessarily reflect those of the funder.