Family Docs: The Early Years Podcast

A podcast series sharing insights on work-life balance, transitioning to practice, and more

“Where do I turn for guidance and mentorship”, “how can I continue to hone my clinical, teaching, advocacy and leadership skills” … these are just some of the questions and challenges you may face in the early years of your practice. For members building their career in family medicine, the OCFP has created Family Docs: The Early Years – a four-part podcast series to support you in achieving your personal and professional goals.

Episode 4 - Leadership Skills

The OCFP's Early Years in Practice Committee member, Dr. Jillie Reston speaks with Dr. Elaine Blau about the importance of leadership. Their conversation covers the skills and qualities of a good leader, the importance of self-awareness, the challenges of leadership, and other tips on how to lead.

Download the Family Docs Podcast episode 4 show notes and resource list

Episode 3 - Mentoring Opportunities

In our third episode of Family Docs: The Early Years Podcast, OCFP Early Years in Practice Committee members, Dr. Suzie Lotimer and Dr. Jobin Varughese, speak with the OCFP Collaborative Mentoring Networks Clinical Lead, Dr. Arun Radhakrishnan about mentorship as a tool to improve and expand clinical practice.  

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Episode 2 - Physician Wellness

In our second episode of Family Docs: The Early Years Podcast, Dr. Alexis Pizale speaks with Dr. Alison Kelford about physician wellness and the role mindfulness can play in helping with patient interactions, analytical thinking, decision making, and being comfortable with uncertainty.

Download the Family Docs Podcast episode 2 show notes and resource list

Episode 1 - Transitioning to Practice

In the debut episode, Drs. Britta Laslo and Corey Bricks, members of the OCFP’s Early Years in Practice Committee, speak with MD Financial Management consultant Saif Khan and HealthForceOntario regional advisor James Draper on the key considerations when building your practice.
Hear what they have to say!

Download the Episode 1 show notes